Photo Restoration

Our photo restoration service can remove any blemishes, rips, stains or marks to make your old cherished photograph as good as new and restored to its former glory!

The Photo Restoration service offers you:
• Scanning in any hard copy originals (including film slides).
• Full retouching and restoration to remove tears, stains etc.
• Colourising black and white originals to full colour.
• High quality photo print or image file supplied on disk or via file transfer.
• Originals and prints supplied back to you via a secure service.

All photo restoration projects are quoted as per your requirements.

This service is not restricted to just old and/or damaged photographs. If you have an image that needs tidying up, for example a school photograph or a team group this is also available. Please see the example below where the wall in the background has been made neutral and the team logo and line up added.


For more details please contact us.